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Black ANT is the most powerful and comprehensive technology exploration tool that lets tech companies identify and explore new and emerging technologies.

Get on top of emerging technologies, keep the edge on your competitors

  • Assess your company’s technology opportunities.
  • Understand your competitor’s technology strategy.
  • Identify collaborators to grow innovation capacity.

Get started with Black ANT in 3 easy steps

  1. Input Technology

    Let us know about the technology you’re interested in with a few key words, patent numbers, names of competitor or scientific staff.

  2. Analyze network

    Your personalized dataset is ready to explore. Set search criteria, create selections and analyse the global technology network.

  3. Share to enrich

    Invite colleagues, share your views, ask their opinions and let our network analysis experts enrich your data.

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Good data in, excellent data out

Black ANT’s analytical strengths come from our in-house academic research and world-renowned expertise in science and technology behaviour, scientometrics and triple-helix (industry-academia-government) collaborations.

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See the technology behind Silicon Valley’s most controversial patent portfolio: Tesla Motor Company Analyze with Black ANT